Cover removed – Tube Expanded – Altitude Bearings rotated and locked into position – Focuser & Finder Scope attached In under five minutes this hands-on, manually operated Telescope is set up and ready to go



When it comes to transporting, setting up and taking down your telescope, the frequency of observation is inversely proportional to the size of the telescope

  • Compact design opens into a large and easy to maneuver Dobsonian Telescope.
  • Quick set up and take down.
  • It’s steady and it has a smooth and accurate movement.
  • It Doesn’t Take Up The Whole Car!

The packed up Crate measurements are 25″ tall x 16.5″ wide x 18″ Deep.
The total weight is 50 Lbs.
The Fosuser, Finder Scope and Eyepieces are carried Separately.
The Finder Scope Mounting Bracket is permanently mounted to the Tube.
Two Thumb Nuts hold the Focuser firmly and accurately in place.


The “crate A scope” pictured above is a prototype in the late stage of development. It’s composed of new and used materials. Please consider this introduction a preview. The final finished product will be available soon

Details about this specific crateAscope
  • This is a custom made telescope using both new and used components.
  • The Body, Rocker Box, Bearings, and Enclosure are constructed of Baltic Birch.
  • The 10″ f-4.5 Primary Mirror, Primary Mirror Cell, Secondary Mirror, Secondary Mirror Holder, and the short round Tube section came from an early 1980s Meade DS-10 (Deep Sky 10).
  • A new High Point 8×50 right angle Finder Scope.
  • A used AstroSystems Inc. low profile 2″ Crawford Focuser with a 1.25″ Adapter.
  • A used Meade 1.25″ x 24mm Plossel Eyepiece. (45x magnification with a 1.15 degree AFOV).



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